Favorite Radio Amateur Links

A list of links to strongly radio amateur homebrew related web-sites!

VE7CA's Home Markus Hansen's home page with the excelent online RF design tools.
CDG2000 Transceiver The home of the CDG2000 transceiver by Colin Horrabin, G3SBI, Dave Roberts, G8KBB and George Fare, G3OGQ.
M0KHZ's Blog Kevin's very active blog on amateur radio homebrew projects!
AB4OJ's Home Adam Farson's home page, containing a wealth of information on amateur radio equipment and many useful links!
G0UPL's Home Hans Summers homebrew projects. Maintains a collection of very useful amateur radio links too!
G3OOU's Home Bob Burns Electronic Design Centre.
IK4AUY's Home Sergio Cartoceti's CDG2000 web-site with many H-Mode mixer related links.
F2DC's Home Roland Cordesses DC7 homebrew transceiver.
HDR-2005 Home Chris Hirt's direct conversion hardware defined radio project with many useful links.
HDR-2007 Home Successor of the HDR2005!

Other Links Bram Yak's timeless parable on world peace, translated into many of the worlds languages and dialects!

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